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On October 5, 2011 we delivered 1.6 million of your petitions to Congress demanding repeal of Obamacare. They are finally listening, but it's not over! By adding your signature today you will be participating in the largest policy petition drive in U.S. history. Just 60,000 more signers are needed. Please join with us!

We need only four more votes in the Senate to succeed at repealing Obamacare. Only the Senate’s Democrats refuse to repeal this Act. Contact these Democrats by Fax or Phone today! The links are provided at the top and bottom of this page.

Obamacare is a significant government intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship. The House of Representatives voted earlier this year to repeal Obamacare, recognizing that it also will:

· plunder Medicare of $560 billion · drive up health care costs for everyone · increase insurance premiums while reducing benefits · force employers to drop employee coverage · create government controlled data bases on Americans · result in shortages of primary care physicians · result in the rationing of health care · drive up the cost of prescriptions · add trillions to the national debt.

The government has managed to bring to the brink of bankruptcy, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and almost, the entire U.S. Government in the last few weeks.

Now they want you to trust them with you and your family’s health care!

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." - Thomas Jefferson

Your donations are treated as precious, whether large or small. Every dollar is devoted to repeal of what has effectively killed nearly all economic recovery and job growth in America. Lean and mean, Repeal It now spends almost all funds on TV ads and other mass communication tactics to raise petitions (1.6 million so far) and rally Americans to pressure Congress for repeal.

Grassroots funded, our TV ads are the only televised counterpoint to the recently disclosed $ 4.5 million in taxpayer funds spent by the White House for TV ads and web strategies to promote ObamaCare. Our delivery of half a million petitions the day before the House vote to repeal strengthened the will of both House Members and 47 Republican Senators who later voted for repeal. Now we need four more votes (all Democrats) so we are beginning hand-delivery of petitions to their Senate offices along with thousands of citizen faxes. Each new TV ad raises the pressure on Senators up for re-election and moves us closer to repeal.

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